Audient Strengthens Technical Support Team

11th septembre 2017

Audient prides itself in the quality of its product range and maintains that the service it provides should be of a similar high calibre. With that in mind, Joshua Bench joins the Audient team this month as new Technical Support Agent, where he is on hand to answer any pre and post sales questions, further augmenting the technical support offered by the British manufacturer.



Dedicated: “I knew how to service an ASP880 before I worked the coffee machine!”



Joshua at his Bench

Well placed to ensure that current and future Audient product owners are fully clued up on their kit, Joshua was originally introduced to recording with Audient’s flagship ASP8024 analogue console and despite being a musician himself, has spent considerable time on the tech side of the glass. “I prefer recording other people and mixing their work,” he admits. “I like to help the good musicians sound as good as they can on a recording.”



Josh has fitted right in since starting at Audient, confessing to knowing how to service an ASP880 before working out the coffee machine.



Audient can be contacted on all social media platforms, but for specific product support, click through to the “Support section of the website.