Animation Studio Chooses Large Format Audient Console

5th January 2022


A 48-channel ASP8024-HE was the console of choice for ISF Studios, one of the largest animation and production studios in the Turkish capital of Ankara. ISF Studios is responsible for Rafadan Tayfa, the country’s most popular children’s animated series with an audience of 3.5 million, as well as the original 2017 cinema film, Rafadan Tayfa: Dehliz Macerası which boasted 1.8 million admissions in the first weeks.



ASP8024-HE: “its affordability […] doesn’t sacrifice quality.”



Mustafa Tarkan Ergün, the producer/mixing and mastering engineer at ISF Studios explains their decision to go for the British console: “It was our first choice in terms of the warm, analogue sound, the numerous functional possibilities as well as its affordability – which doesn’t sacrifice quality.”




ISF Studios’ producer/mixing & mastering engineer, Mustafa Tarkan Ergün and the ASP8024-HE



Other projects include live recording of the national anthem in the studios (see Instagram clip, below) and ISF Studios was also instrumental in the renewal of the national children’s television station TRT Çocuk’s ident. Established in order to serve all digital arts, especially advanced animation and production works according to its website, ISF Studios has become one of the pioneers of the newly developing animated film sector in Turkey.





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The upgrade came shortly before the Minister of Industry & Technology Mustafa Varank told the Turkish Anadolu Agency that Turkey was increasing its potential in the animation sector.




animation studio ISF Studios' performance room
ISF Studios Performance Room



Talking about the desk’s sound, Ergün says, “It has a sweet and warm saturation. At the same time, the ASP8024-HE graphic EQ gives the ear a feeling of freedom – not artificial, but realistic and soft. The bus compressor is very good!”



“ASP8024-HE graphic EQ gives the ear a feeling of freedom”




He is excited to share the latest projects to come out of ISF Studios as soon as they become public knowledge. “It will give us great pleasure to be able to showcase the music and instruments with the sound of the ASP8024-HE,” he says.



animation studio, ISF Studios' Audient ASP8024-HE console
Audient ASP8024-HE at ISF Studios




The large format British console, which includes patchbay and Dual Layer Control (DLC) was provided by studio specialists and Audient distributor, Akalın Müzik, who specified and built the complete studio.