Audient Website: Investing In Localisation

20th August 2018

Audient Website: Investing In Localisation

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Audient is proud to announce that the website is most recently available in German, bringing the total number of languages to five. As well as English and German, visitors to the site can read about Audient products, offers and some news in Spanish, French and even Korean.


Korean language option


“As our brand continues to develop in territories around the world, we continue to invest in the localisation of our website and content. We believe it is more important than ever to give our customers access to all the information they need and content they enjoy in a format they understand. We’re always looking to improve the user experience when visiting Audient.” says marketing manager, Andy Allen.


Audient website: “completely mobile responsive”


With these ongoing updates continuing in line with the cross-platform design, the easy-to-navigate, intuitive design is completely mobile responsive, ensuring the user experience remains effortless. “With the latest incarnation of ARC, Audient’s creative hub, we wanted to ensure as many Audient users around the world would have access to the free software we have on offer,” adds Andy. “As well as being able to get all product specifications online, Audient customers from Stuttgart to Seoul, Paris to Peru can now be better informed of what Audient has to offer.”


Read all about it – in German

Audient invites you – wherever you are – to click through and have a look around!

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